The school will begin Classes for the Academic Year 2014-2015. During this Academic Session admission will be open for Classes L. K. G., U. K. G. and Class I. L. K. G.: Lower Kindergarten is usually the first stage of a child’s pre-primary education. Children who are around the age of four in April-2014 can be admitted in L. K. G. It is assumed that children admitted in L. K. G. have no prior formal education. Therefore, candidates for L. K. G. will begin their education in this school.

U. K. G.: Upper Kindergarten is the Class prior to a child’s Primary Education. Children who complete U. K. G. will be promoted to Class I and thus begin their Primary Education. Children who are around the age of five in April-2014 can be admitted in U. K. G. Admission to U. K. G. requires one year of formal education in another school and the completion of the necessary basics.

Class I: Class I is the first phase of a child’s Primary education. Those children who have completed U. K. G. or equivalent courses can be admitted in Class I. Candidates seeking admission in Class I should be around six years in April -2014.

Admission will be open to one batch each of all these three Classes. The maximum number of children admitted in each of these Classes is 45. Admission will be granted on a first come first serve basis to suitable candidates. Should there be more applications to any of these Classes, it will be entertained only after there are sufficient number of candidates for a new batch which should have a minimum of 35 students.

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